Supplements And Testing


When your success is our priority, quality means everything. Nutritional Artistry is happy to offer our patients easy access to the highest quality supplements available. All patients receive a discounted price point and shipping is waived with every order over $50. 

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Functional lab testing provides a whole body, and comprehensive, look into your individual and unique chemestry. Functional Medicine uses this information to get your levels to “optimal ranges”. We want to detect irregularities early so that we are working towards prevention rather than addressing specific health conditions. We are not here to treat or diagnose disease. We are here to optimize your health with nourishment. We are excited to be working with RUPA Health to provide patients with the answers they are looking for. Here are examples of our most utilized tests.

Dutch Hormone Complete —

Gut Health/Microbiome Testing —

Speak with one of our team members to see if testing is the best option for you.