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We are here to help you find the personal answers to your health. What keeps your goals just out of reach? Are you at a point where you don’t know what to do? Let us take the mystery out of it. We want to help you find the puzzle pieces that unlock your success!

Our Approach

Food is foundational to the quality of our lives and longevity. Our job together is developing a plan that your body will thrive on. Each person is unique. Therefore, your plan is unique. Our health is influenced by our environment. This is the leading factor behind inflammation. We also live in a social media driven world. All the conflicting information on “truths” & “what’s best” can become incredibly stressful.

Let’s get real with how we feel about our food and what we know about it. We’re here to remove

the stress. Our food has changed dramatically. It’s time to understand what’s blocking your success and set you up to thrive.

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Steps to success:


An anti-inflammatory diet is foundational to your health. Our job is to start you off with a personal food plan that fits your lifestyle. Simple. Clean. Real. You will be empowered and in control with strategies that both support and nourish you.

2.Functional Medicine

Industrial agriculture has robbed our soil of its nutrients. We feel full when we eat, because the food contains fiber, but this leaves us exhausted, because our pathways are not receiving the minerals they need. These micronutrients are critical for the proper function and communication of our metabolic pathways. We must replenish the body with what’s missing. Based on your personal labs, inflammatory markers, symptoms, and goals we will design a supplement protocol that caters to your specific needs. By having this incredible access to high-quality nutrients, we can support the cells with exceptional nourishment. Your functional medicine plan restores the balance and communication of your body from the inside out.


This is not a diet; we don’t do diets. Together we will work on mindfulness, balance, and above all listening to your body’s intuitive cues. Once you are feeling better it’s so much easier to hear the innate signals, we all have. Let’s be real – birthdays happen, holidays happen, travel happens, and I want you to enjoy these things, to their fullest, while adapting to a new lifestyle. Enjoying quality time with loved ones is also essential. We need to create a fulfilling lifestyle that supports your goals. You can have it all, and you will redefine new standards for your goals and your health. Why? Because you- are worth it!

4.Connecting to inner joy

Many times, when a patient comes in and I ask them; “What do you do that makes you happy?” they aren’t sure what the answer is. If your happiness comes from food (Ex. Double fudge chocolate ice-cream.) then you are putting yourself in a category of people who will not have sustainable goals. Every time stress comes up in your life you will want comfort from food again. We must find “your happy” away from food.

Embracing the things that fill your inner soul with joy. This is not a luxury, but a requirement for your health. Happiness, creativity, community, faith – these are things that centennial communities value. We must connect with inner joy, even if for just a small moment each day. Don’t know what makes you happy? Not to worry, we will implement creative tools that help you connect with inspiration and joy.

5.Diaphragmatic breathing & establishing a practice –

Just like “joy”, relaxation is also an important part of your health. It’s very difficult to balance hormones, calm the nervous system, or have successful weight-loss if the body is in a state of stress. Do you have signs of a heightened nervous system?

-Anxiety, panic attacks.

-Trouble sleeping.

-Shortness in breath.

-Blurry vision.

-Feeling your heartbeat in your chest.


We will support you with an established routine and nutrients to welcome balance in. If you are reading this, it means you are already on your way.

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