Ilianna Rossetti (CNS, ABAAHP)

Ilianna is the founder of Nutritional Artistry and is a double board-certified clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. She is nationally certified by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS) and also the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (ABAAHP). After receiving her state license (as Dietician/Nutritionist), Ilianna spent three years of focused study with the School of Integrative Manual Therapy in CT, and there she worked as a right hand to the medical director. She then started her own practice in functional medicine nutrition and food coaching in Portsmouth, NH. She specializes in helping patients with metabolic syndrome, weight-loss, digestive issues, longevity nutrition, and fertility. Currently Ilianna sees private patients in Hampton, NH at Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine (DCCM), and in Portsmouth, NH at the Fertility Centers of New England. There she specializes in pre & post-natal nutrition, and weight-loss. Ilianna has recognized the need for virtual appointments, and is now booking private sessions online. She also supports patients in southern FL by working in collaboration with Dr. Toni Muzzonigro in Orlando, FL. (Optimum Direct Care) a direct membership-based primary care practice.

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In her words:

Hi, I’m Ilianna Rossetti, a board certified, functional medicine nutritionist. I love my work, and my patients. I love seeing them reaching goals they never thought possible, feeling strong, enjoying family. I love the random messages they send me from small triumphs like fitting in skinny jeans, to balanced blood work, (and my favorite) healthy newborns… I love that their excitement is infectious, and makes me exhale!

My practice is dedicated to supporting patients with healthy eating, longevity nutrition, and functional medicine. I think of myself as an “inflammatologist”. Together we work on bringing down inflammatory levels in the body. Chronic inflammation leads to dis-ease, and makes goals very hard to obtain. Once we bring down inflammation goals become much more attainable, and the yo-yo effect stops. I believe there needs to be a change in awareness of what “healthy” and “fun” eating really mean. Eating healthy will never be a fad. Being healthy and feeling our best means we can really enjoy our lives and loved ones. It requires a shift within ourselves in order to make that happen. Meal balancing should be nourishing without living in deprivation—in fact, it should be delicious! Our body will let us know what it needs. This requires intuitive eating for nourishment as opposed to crash-course diets. Nutrition is at a very young stage, with new discoveries on a daily basis. It is a liberating experience when you can take control of your body and your life. Functional medicine—has taught me to look at health on an individual basis, and see the body as a whole entity, a symphony that must be in balance. My life experiences—have taught me that longevity and well-being require not just healthy food, but also faith, purpose, and the things that bring us the greatest inner joy.